Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry
Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is a term we use when patients present with a long term breakdown of their dentition. What does that mean? Well most people think that their teeth are in basically the same position that they were in ten years ago, and that their teeth will not change in condition in ten years from now. This would be nice, but it’s not necessarily true. The mouth is a tough environment to survive. We chew on our teeth over a thousand times every day, and most people grind their teeth to some degree at night. Old fillings even when placed well, are constantly in a warm, moist environment and then flooded by acidic beverages and course foods. Because many of these fillings are silver, it hides the destruction that might be going on underneath them.

At Friddle Dentistry, we attempt to save the teeth from this long term breakdown and restore the proper esthetics that their natural teeth were made to have. This allows people to have healthy beautiful teeth that will last a lifetime. How do we do this? Well, a full mouth reconstruction is different for everybody. Some people that have a relatively stable bite might simply need a small adjustment and to place any fillings where minor decay (cavities) might have started. Others might need crowns or veneers on all their teeth in the upper or lower arch, and some might need crowns or veneers on all of the teeth in their mouth. Missing teeth can be replaced with bridges, implants, or partial or full dentures in order to restore balance and allow for long term stability in people’s bites.

Dental Bridges

If you are missing one or more teeth, we can use a dental bridge to help eliminate gaps and restore your smile. A bridge is a custom restoration that uses one or more artificial teeth to replace missing teeth. Your dentist can use surrounding teeth or dental implants to secure your bridge in place. Our partner lab can create your restoration from zirconia, porcelain, or e.max® glass-ceramic.


At Friddle Dentistry, we offer custom-made complete and partial dentures to help meet the diverse restorative needs of our patients. We provide both traditional and implant-supported dentures. If you currently wear dentures, we can often complete an in-office relining during a single visit. We also offer advanced repairs for those with a broken denture.

Inlays & Onlays

After a patient has received treatment for mild to moderate decay, a dental filling may not be able to sufficiently repair the tooth, but a dental crown might be excessive. In these situations, your dentist can use an inlay (which covers the biting surface of a tooth) or onlay (which extends beyond the pointed cusps and down the sides of a tooth) to conservatively restore the tooth.

SonicFill™ Fillings

We proudly offer discreet composite fillings applied using the SonicFill™ system. It uses sonic waves to activate a tooth-colored composite filling material that will blend flawlessly with your natural enamel and provide a more secure bond than traditional metal fillings. In most cases, this state-of-the-art technology allows our dentists to place a filling in less than five minutes.