The Laser Gum Contouring Procedure: What to Expect

The Laser Gum Contouring Procedure: What to Expect
The Laser Gum Contouring Procedure: What to Expect

At Friddle Dentistry, we know that a beautiful smile is a healthy smile. That’s why we offer the people of Fort Smith both state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry as well as advanced restorative dentistry. Using the latest techniques and technologies gives patients a lot to smile about.

When patients have problems with their gums, we have plenty of options available to restore health and improve smile aesthetics. With that in mind, let’s consider why lasers might be used to improve the overall contour of someone’s gumline.

Issues with Gummy Smiles

Gummy smiles can be a major problem, one that can lead to self-consciousness. When the gums are very prominent, it can alter the look of your smile even if may be otherwise healthy. This means people with gummy smiles may be hesitant to smile or laugh, even around people they have known for many years.

Causes of Gummy Smiles

In the vast majority of cases, gummy smiles are a hereditary matter. If a parent or both of your parents had prominent gums, you are likely to experience the same issue.

In some cases, there may be an issue with the upper lip, which rises high when you smile and reveals more of your gum tissue. Poor dental alignment, such as an extreme overbite, can also contribute to this issue.

Laser Gum Contouring

Laser gum contouring is a major step forward in dental treatment for the soft tissues of the mouth. Rather than using a scalpel like the oral surgery of the past, laser gum contouring accomplishes its goals by using a safe surgical laser. The soft tissue laser can carefully remove select portions of the gum tissue with extreme precision, which allows periodontists to refine the look of the gumline and improve the appearance of your smile.

The Advantages of Laser Surgery Over Previous Techniques

There are many advantages to laser gum contouring. These include the following:

  • Reduces Surgical and Post-Surgical Bleeding – The laser used during the contouring procedure cauterizes while it cuts. That means patients will bleed far less during the surgery than they would if a scalpel was used. Post-surgical bleeding after the procedure is also minimal.

  • Reduced Risk of Infection – Given the nature of the laser and the lack of physical contact with traditional surgical tools.

  • Faster Recovery Time – Given reduced bleeding during surgery and the lack of open wounds during recovery, patients tend to heal much faster after laser gum contouring than the would from a traditional oral surgery.

  • More Comfortable Recovery Process – With laser gum contouring, patients experience far less irritation and discomfort than they would after traditional surgery.

What to Expect During Laser Gum Contouring

During laser gum contouring, local anesthetic will be used to reduce pain and discomfort. In some instances, dental sedation may also be used to help induce a calm and relaxed state. Patients may be asked to wear protective goggles as a precaution during the laser procedure.

A periodontist will then carefully use the soft tissue laser to carefully remove portions of gum tissue. Any minor bleeding will be carefully wiped away to keep the procedure clean and sterile.

Is Laser Gum Contouring Right for Me?

The best way to find out if laser gum contouring is the right option for you is to visit our practice for a consultation. We can discuss all sorts of cosmetic and restorative treatments that may be right for you and provide you with detailed answers about the risks and benefits of various procedures.

Learn More About Periodontal Treatment Options

For more information about laser therapy to improve dental health and wellness, be sure to contact our cosmetic and restorative dentistry center today. We look forward to your visit here at Friddle Dentistry.

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